Monday, October 03, 2005


Since starting of my childhood i am observing pattern of event that has occurred in my life so for. These r the event that have made me and my life. These r things occurring again and again. Before discussing whether they have good or bad impact and what r these. Lets see these pattern and see the eventual outcome that i have gained from them. i am analysing them to think r they originating from my internal belief. and guess that these r from my internal belief. then why i am deny to accept then. Remember that ur actions r originated from ur belief. so if u want to change ur action change ur belief. (but many people r trying the opposite of it and they r not getting the result what they r expecting. for a short period of time they r succeeded in interrupting those actions but in long run they fails. as they still have the same belief) Bcoz in this life as u thinks so as u are. this statement is always true. slowly and slowly i have started to realise that it may be that some time i do not believe in what i say, but i am sure only i do things in what i believe. ok i was abt to discuss some pattern that i have identified in my life so for.
Suppose i have some objective to achieve and then many people will follow different approach to achieve them. but what i Will do is that i will start working towards that. i will do all possible things do that. my be i get a smell of victory and defeat kind of things. so i don't want to lose so i will do what ever i want to do to achieve those things, well with possible values and ethics.
Now while reaching near goal most of the time i find it not interesting enough. or my goal changes in between. why why ??? it happens once i was playing hockey. it happens with my relationship with any one or with my other goals . the possible reason i find out is that as people says that its not important how u do things but why u do. but why things start cribing when i reach at final stages. is it not that i had wasted so many sacrifices i did during that journey. Is it that for me journey is more important then destination and i am afraid that once i reach there i will not have any thing there. or the things i bargained during journey is telling me that goal is worth less. Or do i have the habit of putting the arm around some things whom i can not hold in in heart and eventually my internal belief stop me from doing that. is it true?? Why i was not been able to say no to that journey i took at first place. In life i know its true that some time u say know to ans of question when u want to say yes or vice versa. but the price u pay for body knows. Is it not that experience u learn during that journey changes ur believe that goal itself don't have any importance at the end. why do u take journey if goal it self is not important.

Few days back i went through few books "Many life Many Masters" and "Messages form Masters" . i don't know what diff is it going to make if know something abt past life. Ur belief still remains the same. but awareness still helps u in changing u beliefs.

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