Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It has been some time since when i written anything. Not busy exactly but i could not collect enough thoughts to put them here. Things went passed as usual here and there in bits and pieces. started few new things and as usual trying to put them in order. Recently i started an exercise to find out important passions in my life, things that matter most to me. i have collect few of them but i am unable to prioritize most important out of them.

Every where marriage question is being popped up to me again and again to me. I am also trying to find answer to this question. Don' t have any answer, criteria or exact parameter at this point of time and i don't expect it to get it in near future, may be i am little too confused or may be i don't want to answer this question at all.

Recently i rediscovered passion and interest for doing few stuffs in life. which is very important for every one and one should be doing things only what they are most passionate about. We should live a passionate life always.

When the right time comes: its not the about me or some else its about almost everyone. Everyone is waiting for right moment to come. They are consulting astrology, going to the palmist... inquiring in different ways what is going to happen tomorrow. I don't think 'Tomorrow' ever happens. It never has happened. It is simply a stupid strategy of postponement. What happens is always today.

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