Sunday, July 20, 2008


This poem I wrote for some one i have not met or seen.......

I guess I have a friend not so far
Not in dreams and not in reality
Although she exist but only in my imagination

With her some time I forget future and past
Forever and ever will this happiness last?
I wonder how long this good time will last
Before we realize one of us would be gone

Place is not far way and only for sometime
If we meet, will it be such a crime..
Wish she would known that in times to come
That she took very long to see sun

What could I do to erase the distance
Should I try harder with persistence.

No purpose for her trying hard to hold
As she has one life to enjoy
Wish she open herself
To thing life offer and be bold.

Time will go and people will go
Then we realize value of thing so.

Come on!! Don’t feel stopped by ego.
So that few years after past will not echo..
May be we will move on in years to come
But we won't be upset for things not done.

(Copyrights Rakesh Kumar)

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