Thursday, June 10, 2010

Atlas Shrugged is over

"The road is cleared," Said John Galt. " We are going back to this world.

The last statement from John Galt. It was around 11:41 PM when i read the last line of last pages Atlas Shrugged. The book was challenging not in terms of size of its content but understanding and rationality behind it. Also time I took to read it, almost 2 years. Though since last one years i was reading it irregularly however I was determined to read each and every line of this book and not to miss any one of word. I still remember the first day I took the book in my hand and I had imagined that one day I would be finishing last line of this book and yesterday night was that time. It was one of most exciting and thought provoking reading. There were few famous quote from the book the one I can recall now is "Truth is for those who seek it." Well Read...

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