Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where art thou...

My dear where will you meet
Hit by a car on the crowded street
Or in tsunami wave on a lonely seashore
From a apartment floor when i fall
Or in the playground hit by a cricket ball
May be in a bomb blast in crowded mall
Or crushed as a insect somewhere while I crawl
May be now you don't come to such places
As these are happening since million ages
Meeting on these places will not be sweet
Tell me, where are you find mostly these days
I want my meeting with you exciting and complete
As only once I want to taste your bliss
I don't want to meet you on a regular place
Request you to consider my simple urge
Come only when I feel reach far above
When I am lying in the arms of my love
And I am giving her a kiss
Nothing more left for me then to wish
Only that moment I want you to come
Meet me and give me freedom
Death' only then I want to embrace you
And call my life adieu............

(C) Rakesh Kumar Feb. 2011

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