Saturday, January 02, 2016

Fighting in a deep dark void
I am searching for a reason to rejoice
Clinging on so called life
With each passing day 
Cut by my own knife
Ripped, I bleed inside

And I think of myself
Floating in clouds of my thoughts
About what I was,
What I have become & what I want
How I lost to my own plot?

Worried about right and wrong

When I was weak & when strong
Eaten away from inside
Nothing but by my own lies

Chained by my fears of unknown
Who are trying me to hold
I feel paralysed
They slowly takes over me
And I close my eyes
Looking what left inside me to buy

I wander more deep in thoughts
About running from this world
But where?
With my bruised body
And soul full of blots

Finally I surrender my soul

Without knowing what I want
After taking all that I can bare
I let my spirit drown in despair

Without caring where it fall
I curled my self in a suffering ball
With blurred vision & being shattered
I want to call for help
But now it doesn't matter

Slowly I move away from light
Let myself darkness to own
I embraces it tight
While it drags my soul to a new home

© Rakesh Kumar Jan. 2016

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