Sunday, October 09, 2016


Go with the flow 
Doesn't matter how fast or slow 
Just keep going 
Keep seed sowing 
And keeps on things growing 

You got to Be rough 
Doesn't matter if its Easy or tough  
Sprang your luff 
Until you get enough 

And path you walk will not be rosy 
I also don't promise things to be easy 
Ultimately you will know 
That you have grown 

Your dreams are very far 
But you can see them shining 
Like a distant star 
Go after & spread your wings 
What have you been waiting for? 

You aim to be there 
But don't know yet how
How to go where? 
But you have to give it try 
It doesn't matter if you have to cry 

Many times you will fall 
But don't be afraid 
There is more to what you got all 
Stand tall in the dark 
Give it one more try 
Before you die 

Don't care what people say 
Because you only know there is a ray 
Many years from now 
You will carry the pain 
Not because things you have lost 
But thing you didn't gain 
Those things you didn't do 
Path you didn't walk and go 

So why don't you throw your shyness 
Stop feeding yourself on others diet 
That you have to be them to nice 
Be ready & face the cut 
You have got the gut 

This was growing inside you since long 
Keep coming back like a ping pong 
Lift your face and join this race 
Don't care about your tears now 
No one care about when they get dry 
Stand on your feet and give it a try 

Along the way you will face many thirst 
Your soul will also get crushed 
Your body will be bruised 
And you will be hanged on the cruce
But you never cared for the pain 
They are nothing but seasonal rain 
And now why do you care 
When no one was spared 

Nothing you got till now 
Your hands are bare 
Don't care what have you got to choose 
You have got nothing to lose 

All are the same 
Now you don't understand 
That all these are part of the game 
You have only choice to be a player 
Or just an spectator 
What matters is the role 
You play as the actor 

Don't worry how you perform 
Its nothing but a scrapped program 
People may like, people may not 
But thinking what they think 
You only let your soul to rot 

You are divided 
Because you are caring about things 
That you have been provided 
They have not been helpful 
And neither resourceful 

World has come this far 
Because of those who dared to try 
The fish who jumped 
Out of the water 
The bird who attempted to fly 
And the primitive who decided to stand & walk 
You may not live perfectly 
But you have to keep on learning 
As your journey is yet far  

What you choose, What you do? 
Will your action be blur? 
Or some form of an art 
Experiment boldly
And you will be an amber

Your life will be spontaneous change 
Don't resist it
Explore your talents range 
Don't be impatience 
All meaning full things will take time 
You have to practice and express 
Occasionally you will suck 
But its okay 

You have perseverance  
To be amazing one day 
Challenge your limits 
Challenge your boundaries' 
Fight the fear 
That is stopping you living your best 
And till then you need no rest... 

© Rakesh Kumar Sept. 2016

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