Monday, February 20, 2006

Zinda- am I alive

Zinda- am I alive (Agony of watching movie "zinda")

Early Sunday morning I got a call from my friend that he had booked a ticket to movie zinda in the evening. I thought it would be a better idea to end a weekend with a movie. I was not aware that it will take another week to finish my weekend. without wasting ur time the way I spent money and time let me go through the story first.
sanjay dutt is s/w developer ( I dont know, is he look like even a project manager, which firm is employing 40 yrs old person in s.w development) any way he has celina jetly as his wife and Mahesh manjereker as his friend. so his firm want him to stay in Bangkok and developed that s/w from there. in few moment Sanjay Dutt disappeared from beach( in front of house, before his wife gives him new of her pregnancy) we found sanjay dutt in small cell. Where he is crying, weeping, shouting, and eating momos. He has a TV in that cell. After some initial drama sanjay dutt stats exercising to take revenge form the person who has put him in that. weeping in the cell sanjay dutt see the news of his wife murder and finds him self accused of that murder. He goes through various world news of each passing years like wtc attack , india in cricket world cup final, tsunami etc.) suddenly after 14 years we find sanjay dutt coming out of a box in market. thanks to agony of audience Sanjya dutt has been released with a cell phone, some money and a decent suit. so how does sanjay dutt find the person who has made him to suffer like hell for 14 years?? snajay dutt finds lara dutta as a taxi driver goes through each restaurant in Bangkok starts eating momos, why ?? to find the taste of momos so that he could knew where he was as a prisoner). finally he find the person who used give him food in cell and he reaches to the owner of cell after some bloody and heinous torturing. there he came to know a new kind of business used to take contract of kidnapping people and keeping them in cells, addition feature like torturing, killing, hair cut can be availed by paying extra money. (this movie is must for biharis who should look into this business besides kidnapping) after some fight and killing with some songs sanjay dutt reach to john Abraham who had made him to suffer like hell. john come after interval(50 minutes starting of movie) he is a person behind all his suffering. but why?? now here comes interesting part bcoz during his school days(not even in college days) sanjay dutt with his friends were in involve in playing prank with john Abraham elder sister. who commits suicide due to all mental suffering/comments of her classmates.finally after some fighting and killing john sanjay dutt gets his daughter and story comes to an end.our 2 hours suffering also comes to an end.
  1. Now I will never see a movies from sanjay gupta. I should have learn this lesson after seeing Musafir it self.
  2. If copying movie have so(as sanjay gupta thinks) any one can become a movie director.
  3. Mahesh majrekar u better go to ur direction than to act in these shit movies. it is u who gave us movie like vastav.
  4. Now killers can get new instrument which r easily available in market like, hammer drilling m/c to kill some one. better govt should license these household instrument.
  5. Biharis can look into new means of business besides kidnapping.
  6. Sanjay gupta before copying a movie at least learn from those director (Chan-wook Park's Korean film, Oldboy).
  7. I really felt sorry abt those girls who have come to spent their weekend with their hubby. I hope they will recover before valentine day.
  8. Now it responsibility of each parent to take his child to watch Zinda before enrolling him in KG classes(if child is ok after movie then enroll). Who knows when he will have to pay price (for what) in future.
  9. Those who already enrolled check that girls should not having her brother in same school before playing any prank(better don’t do anythink behave like 60 yrs old). or who knows his child has to pay price for that. A lesson for those boys who used to have crush/comments during primary school days( class 2, class 3)
  10. If john Abraham spent 10 million$ per days it will take 96 years to finish that amount. since when john started earning???.(question for IIT jee 2007). john is not looking older than 35 years in movie.
  11. Momos is new source of energy if u eat 14 years continuously. I bet u can break walls(sanjay dutt does). if after 14 years, u cant ask sanjay gupta, Sorry not my fault.
  12. Zinda is must for dentist who will find innovative way of pulling teeth.
  13. The only dialog I remember from zinda is "hard works makes success" at least for 14 years .this should also be applied to movie itself.
  14. Zinda is a movie made by dead for dead people who earns(atleast 150).
  15. Copying requires intelligence. this has been not true for once, zinda is proof.
  16. I am wondering if I am getting paid for watching zinda. I should have some better sense of social responsibility what if sanjay gupta does not have. After all I saw rang de basanti on Friday.

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