Friday, April 14, 2006


It starts as i have stared thinking.......
The psychology behind greatness, behind proving oneself, is very simple. Everyone from his very beginning, is told that he is not what he should be. Disciplines are given, commandments are given; he has to fulfill them. If he cannot, he starts feeling inferior. It seems that others are fulfilling them, only he is not capable. And the inferiority complex is the basic mind disease out of which many diseases arise. No one is born with an inferiority complex. It is the society, the culture, which are responsible for creating the inferiority complex in oneself. And the only way for one to get rid of it seems to be to prove himself worthy according to the expectations of others. He will become somebody else that he was not by his nature supposed to be. He will never be happy; misery is going to be his lot. If he proves worthy in the eyes of others and becomes respectable, he will smile but in his being there will be no flowers blossoming. He will show that he is dignified, but deep down he knows he has betrayed himself. He has committed the greatest crime possible: he has betrayed his own nature. He has gone against existence and listened to all kinds of idiots. If he succeeds, then he is miserable. If he does not succeed, of course he is going to be miserable. It hurts -- because no individual is higher and no individual is lower. Is the flower of the marigold inferior to the rose? But how can you decide? They are unique in their individuality's. The whole existence produces only unique people; it does not believe in carbon copies. So the question of equality or inequality does not arise; I cut it from the very roots. This idea of making everybody equal, cutting them to the same size -- economically, educationally, in other ways -- is absurd, because inequality will show in other dimensions. People are not equally beautiful. Everything is unique; you cannot find two persons equal Intellectually you cannot make them equal.

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