Saturday, June 24, 2006

Only one, Mind or Heart

Doubting Mind, Trusting Heart...

The above title says it all. I have chosen it bcoz i am really pissed off having both with me. They have fragmented me in a way that has filled bitterness inside me. If i look back and see what i have gained till now by means of any one of these too, either mind or heart other has destroyed it. Things i gained using mind could not be used bcoz my heart refused to accept it, and things i gained using heart was unacceptable to mind. May be it seems foolish but i am not in a position to accept both of them together. Its really very hard to live with them together. Things which is acceptable to mind is unacceptable to heart. They cant agree on any subject or anything together in my life and i believe its true for others as well as if they truly listen to them( i am not saying that i always listen to them but i try to listen them whenever i take major decision in my life. The true nature of mind is to doubt while heart is completely opposite of that always trusting without any logic. all the great things have been done by people who have trusted their heart not mind. but mind is equally important too , Most of time u will not have any problem its bcoz u r not listening to them they are operating independently but some time u will find in situation where u will try to listen them together that is point where life becomes hell. Frankly speaking i really don't want both exist with my body. give me only one and i am really very comfortable and success full living with any one of them. what is need of these two bullshit stuff living in a single body if they cant not agree on any think. these two are independent entity and should operate alone freely, both are equally important and powerful.

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