Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Risk

Every day in life we should take risk. if i say we should take a risk a day then its not wrong. We will only understand life when we allow unexpected to happen. Every day in life we get the moment to change the things that makes us unhappy. But most of the time we try to neglect those moment, most of the time closing our eyes towards them. Expecting today to be same as yesterday and will be same as tomorrow. but once we start paying attention we will discover these moment. These moment may come anytime and may pass quietly these moment may seem same to us but they have power to change our lives. can we identifies them if not then may be we recognise the passed moment that has occured so far in life may be we r regretting abt not paying attention to them. These moment helps us to change and follow our dreams. May be we r going to suffer. we will face difficult time and disappointments but these just phases that will ultimately pass. One day when we look back then will find the satisfaction of taking that journey. Their are people or moment when we are afraid of taking risks. but one day when he will look back life will ask what have u done with moment it has given. We buried ourselves in cave bcoz u were fearful of losing those talents. so this ur heritage: the certainty that we wasted our life.
Now why people are afraid of taking risk in life r we too manipulating things now a days. we r engaging too much mind on things. mind always doubts things. but if we look back we see all the great things and discoveries has been done by the people who have followed their heart. Mind always doubt things becoz it want to repeat same thing again and again. It refuse to accept new things. Its resistance to new things that stop us form taking new things in life.

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Indian Dude said...

abe kya ho gaya tujhe yaar... kyon senti ho gaya hai... :-)