Saturday, July 29, 2006

When dream dies...

Its not so easy. Losing anything in life has never been easy for me in any way. It can be anything physical, virtual anything or even your thoughts but worst of them all is losing your dreams. It may be that u have not achieved them neither you have ever tried them to achieve but yes there was a flame burning inside your heart over a period of time. I never wanted in my life journey to those dreams short and easy. because I am afraid to reach there to realize them at then end. I always and thoroughly enjoyed those journey there were ups and down yes there were some tough time but I accepted them . I have satisfaction of taking those difficult time and challenges during those journey. I have won so many battles during those journey without any regrets. But when u finishes your journey either you may be victorious or u may not be. But what's is there to do once u finished that journey. Toughest of them all is not getting what u desired when u took those journey and then this is the time when u realized that your dream is finished, your dream is dead and that burning flame is missing inside you. You are just like a physical body without soul. Before u started journey there was a hope, hope about your dream that yes one day u will realize that it does not matter how long and difficult journey u would take. But what is there with u after u have taken that journey. May be the experience of that journey will help u in getting mature in different way but does it really matter when that dream is over. The feeling of emptiness, the feeling of closed doors that u r seeing before u is not a easy to accept. Only the person who took that journey can experience.

Few days back I went through few lines as follows...

Experience life in all possible ways good-bad,
bitter-sweet, dark-light, summer-winter.
Experience all the dualities.
Don't be afraid of experience,
the more experience you have,
the more
mature you become.

yes, I am maturing.....

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