Friday, January 26, 2007

We are basically product of environment. These are things that make us. Its true in sense in every aspects. Its opposite of what it should be. Our environment should be by product of us not we. Our environment decide how are growing how are behaving or how we are developing.

When i am going to get married.
This question is being asked to me more frequently now a days by everyone. Frankly i don't know yes physically people thinks that may be its proper age and may i am financially little bit prepare too. but is it enough to get married and these are only two main criteria to enter in this institution. may be by a average attitude its seems to OK. but what about other things. first thin why i should enter in this institution. jut for getting sexual gratification or too satisfy my physical needs. or do i need a companion to pass time and share thing. i am not interested in having a companion and or neither do i am suffering with loneliness. i have enough things to do i in life and i fully enjoy being alone. I am not interested in keeping someone close to me and let her feel he or she does not have any important in my life. How can i spent whole life with some one just by talking with her ten minutes. Honestly speaking i also have problem with commitment and and having trust on others and most of all i don't want give key to my happiness in some else hands.

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