Sunday, November 12, 2006


Either there is nothing to write or I am unable to find any thing to write. Well lots of things have been passed but I don't know why I am unable to do so.
Unable to put it here. Few days back I started discovering myself. Last few month have been self discovering journey which has helped me to recognize myself and my feeling what basically I am what I want to do. The most important thing in life is to know what your doing and what and why your want to do.


Every body passes through changes in his life. Some times we choose these changes and and some time these changes choosed us. Whoever chooses passing through change is not easy at all. Whatever kind it consists of. We change places, jobs, relationships. But question remains whether changing these external peripherals really changes us internally. What is purpose of these changes if transformation does not take place. In every change if do not goes through process of transformation interlace we will suffer in this process. Changes should be synch with our internal transformation then we will grow in process of these changes.

Lots of things happened during past 2-3 month I don't know whether they are really putting worth here. There are sense of disappointment, anxiety, excitement, hope, fear that have been originated through these actions. As with the passing time I am becoming less reactive to these felling. Some people may say that its good and you are maturing but internally I am loosing my energy in a way as I feel sometime.

Now a days I have little things to think about in my life. How much time I can think about myself. If I don't have any other thing in my life to think about. Most of time in life we think about other things/person in life and very little about ourselves its very much true(95% others 5% ourselves. If you don't believe check it.).

Most time people are suffering because of various reasons. We should always evaluate the things we holding in our lives whether they are worth holding. The cost associated with them. It may be anything relationship,friends, place, things, job.
We should keeping asking are they worth holding in ourlives?. Most of time we will get a negative ans.

Most of the time in in social relationships I have been uncomfortable. Hardest things in life is to deal with fear. Its nothing but expecting something to happen.
3 greatest fear man kind is facing is fear of death, fear of getting mad, fear loosing love ones. I believe root of all problems of person lies in his fear. Lets eradicate fear all problem will get solved automatically.

What is greatest paradox of life. You say yes when you want to say no and vice versa. I know many people say no when they want to say yes and vice versa. Its not about yes or no it distance and difference between heart and head and this is the toughest journey which you will ever takein life.

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