Sunday, February 25, 2007

Some observation.....

Recenlty i went home in my brother marriage and had few observation.
First time realised my parent are getting older. My father has grown up from no where. He gave best what he could provide me and my elder brother with in his own limitation and with best intentions and had earned great social circle and respect without having any monetary accomplishment. what he achieved i still consider is great considering circumstances. I still believe what he had done is far better than what i had done in current circumstances. in a way he carried further that what i had realized. Up till now I have seen him very calm and energetic through day and night when ever some one calls him for any help. i found him never worried. Even he still use to play hockey and football at this age. but this time saw that he is not in his usual being, loosing temper in even smallest matter may be he is unable to handle so many things now, perhaps age is taking over him. its ver hard for me to see him in such situation. We grow up admiring some one through all our life an some day we see the person is not the same. Its hard to handle when u see your hero's falling before your eyes. I wish he could play with me football once again with me as goalkeeper and he as a fullback.
Since last 12 years i am living away with my parents for study and job. i visit generally in festival or in vacation and generally twice or thrice in year so. During all these years my parents visited one to my place. I call them twice thrice during week. so they have very little idea what i basically do in my job even then dont know which company i recently joined and address where i live. what i want to do and what my feelings are. i went through my moments of pain and pleasure without sharing any of my feeling with them. Even today when i call them i am unable to express my feeling but they understand it without i speak a single word but not fully although they ask but i am unable to express it.
Recently they talk me about my marriage i could not express my honest feeling and they could not explore it further with me. I must agree that i never interfere in what they do. i don't know if it was good or bad but i must agree he has his own style of working and taking things in its own way. and i don't want to interfere in that.


Jai G said...

this inspires me to pendown to write about my dad n mom too.

Thanks for opening my eyes. It's an awesome thing that you have expressed it in words. Most of us forget all this and run behind some thing that is not stable for long. I don't know if I have it rite. But your article is really inspiring and I am sorry for the fact that I am not staying with my parents. :(

Rakesh Kumar said...

Thanks Jai. I really appreciate your words