Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Speaking Mind.....

Why blogging is so popular let me tell u some truth. In this society people are suppressed by many things and many ways. There are so many bounding and condition don't do this do, do that or do this. People are not natural now a days. Society is suppressing individual in many ways and finding innovative wyas to do that. We are unable to speak naturally or express naturally or behave naturally. Where are natural people. Atleast by blogging we can express our natural feeling. The feeling that nobody is aware of and we are not scared of expressing it. So its a medium of expression. Let's express our feeling freely at least.
OK... Enough talk some facts............

I went home few week back in my elder brother marriage. Lots of relative were there. Few of them i have seen after long time. Then some thing happened after marriage that had stopped me to think. I don know whether this custom is still being followed in any part of world or not its still in eastern UP village. What happens that whenever some close family member were about to depart specially with ladies like mother daughter or any close relative specially ladies etc. They will hug each other and start weeping and crying. I could not understand when i was child this phenomenon that why my mother start weeping when ever she left he mother home even though it was a 50 km distance and they could meet or talk whenever they want. There was nothing such as they would meet after such a long time. I wondered that 10 min back they were so happy and when we had to come back they started weeping without any reason. Some one can shed tears like that. I have understand it now as its way to express their gratitude, respect and pain of separtaion, and clean their heart with any negative emotions if they have any. Tears is the greatest leveller and ultimate emotions that person can have, and only strong people can show this emotion to society, The only people who are true by heart. Some time i think why people are so sick now a days bcoz they are unable to show their truest emotions tears. I think every body whenever they want should not suppressed their tears. those people who shows tears hardly gets angry, bcoz they don't have any negative emotions inside them and they more helathy than others. The society which show tears does not have any insane and does not requires any psychiatrist.

What is purpose of life can any one tell me. Do i need to earn name, fame or to help others or what? Nothing is making sense to me. what is ultimate goal of life and why i am living a life for what.
Today i read a realistic article in newspaper. It was about younger generation going to prostitute for fulfilling theirs desires and even paying for getting love. There is logic behind that althiugh i am not personallly recommending but lets don't be hypocrite. Boys always run to prettiest girl and girl always go for boys who is good looking or have rich dad or lots of money to spend. So why the hell we are bringing love in this stuff. It was not the case in any way. Even though if they get married why the hell i should say they love each other or not they fullfilling anything but love and which was never the case from beginning to end. Most of time girls always complain to boys that we don't understand them what is hell that they do understand our need. So what is the hell if men are going to get what they want in simple and straight way.

I don't know what love is but its important to be natural be creative and feel free in any kind of relationship. If u are in a situation in which u miss any of these thing u are not going to be in that for long. I am sure.....
Our mind have two part one that analytical portion and one that artistic portion and if we suppress our artistic portion.. we will become a robot. This mind is reason behind all kind of growth.
There are few thing in my mind.. i want do some stuff. Marriage is also among them but some thime i thnk is its too important for me.

Cooking or running is greatest stress buster for me. I like cooking very much. It give me ultimate pleasure. Even after 15 hours of work in office I come at room does not find food i cook without any complain.

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