Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Poem...

Few years back read a book Enlightment: Only revolution by OSHO.
I found one poem that was interesting i was impressed by innocencent desire expressed in it.
I want to live one life more
so that in it i might meet companion
who knows how to give love
who rises in morning smiling at me
who looks at me diving deep into my heart and soul.
Who, in the afternoons, in the midst of her various chores,
feel sad about me
who passes her day in waiting.
who, in the evening gives such welcome,
who releases me from all desires and longings,
releases me from the cares of birth and death
who bring me to timelessness.
I yearn for such companion,
who adds the color of pearls of her warm tears
to my suffering.
won't be upset when journey is difficult
won't wrinkle her brow.
perhaps in next life i will find such companion
who knows how to give love.
for this , i want to live one more life.
Desires have no end. Need are very few, desires have no limit. Man goes on living with the support of these hope and desirtes.

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