Saturday, April 05, 2008

My uncle told me about this famous stuff of Balia district

Rambagh ka aam Surha Taal ki Machli
Aur Pakdti ter ki Baithki Chudawala Ho Bhagwaan...

The story goes like this.....
There was famous orchard named RAMBAGH known for mangos. Surha taal (A Big lake) was famous for its fishes and Pakdi (a old banyan tree) where people used to sit and gossip sleep and relax, was taken by God from singer. The narrator used to praise and sing those lines when he was in prison during british raj. When jailer came to know about these lines he told this prisoner that if they were so famous take me to these places as he wanted to see them. The prisoner took him and gave mangoes from Rambagh orchard and fishes to eat from Surha taal lake. when fish being cooked jailer was relaxing under (Pakdi) this very old banyan tree. He felt so relaxed that he slept there. When he wake up he freed prisoner by giving some money.

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