Sunday, October 05, 2008

For Jai only...

This poem i wrote for my friend Jai with whom i have developed a special bonding in very short amount of time and i promised him to write a poem for him.

Dedicated to Jai... Jai you are really special... and one of gem in my life.

Will you share your wildest dream
Which you even think impossible to realize
When life is broken and your spirit dies
You are standing where reality fades
Surrounded by difficulties you feel invade
When you try to walk but your feet don't move
None of your effort see any improve
You see a day when your past get blurred
The song you loved singing but forget the word
You reached to moments where you lost you sense
Unable to find reason to judge between truth and false..

I will be there in your deepest desire
In the last ray of your dying fire
You will see me standing not even today
But where your dreams fade away....

(C) Rakesh kumar

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