Monday, October 27, 2008

Rambling thoughts...

I have to say, I was just fine without talking to you watching you at a distance , I had never had walked to you if you had not come to me to say Hello (hell). But you dragged me and I can never understand why. You start, and do not follow through. You spark the fire, and leave me to fan it. But now my turn is long since over. It is yours.

If there were some reason for your less than enthusiastic behaviour, I would like to think that you could be honest with me, but you only deny the feelings which constantly bother me. Which makes it worse. Who knows what drives you ? or what goes on inside your head, because you will not tell me in anyway or you worth consider me, neither do i care to ask you. I almost succeed in refusing to let this bother me. Almost....Maybe your definition of things differs vastly from mine.

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