Sunday, December 21, 2008

SX4- Men Are Back

Long time have past since I have written anything.. So many things have past I was lost among them. the most important among them was I brought my CAR. the first car in my Yes finally I was able to do that. 3 month later when this idea was initially born. I took driving classes. I went almost every weekend to dealers running, took so many dealers call and so many vehicle I tested and finally which vehicle I should buy. Ironically I never mentioned this on my blog. after so much manipulation discussion with many guys people and so many negotiation I was able to book car on 24Th of September which finally delivered on 14Th Oct. during whole process starting from learning my driving skills to all all my queries about leaning ABCs of automobile to the delivery and learning proper driving and getting used to the car, one person support was truly amazing and I thanks Jai for being always there.

I still have still not sank to that moment. but yes it was great excitement and really big moment for my family and for my parent and they were really excited about it unfortunately they could not make it to delivery date and still they have to see it physically. Only they can realize how big was the occasion. I was excited but of more of the tense about handling it may be it will few more days to truly enjoy the vehicle.

Other things that happened was that I have to move to new place and one reason for not writing was i was running here and there to all surrounding locality looking for house with inside car parking. and it was hell lot experience. finally able to get somewhat OK place to shift. it was difficult leaving my old place where I was staying since last 3+ years the reason for shifting was my owner wanted the house and also my room partner was moving out of India for new job. The way Sunil reacted in last one month of his stay was unfortunate and I wished he could had behaved with more maturity and sensibility after all I was staying with him since last 3.5 year an d know him since last 9 years. I wished he could had been more sensible and had a open dialog with me, any way i wish him goodluck for future and success in life.

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