Sunday, January 04, 2009

A trip to Mumbai, Alibagh,Kasid, Murud

So landed on mumbai first time on 25th DEC 8:30 am by kingfisher flight, took a cab to thane, where my friend Murmu (Gaichnd Murmu) stays. It has been long time since time i have seen him he used to my batch mate during my engineering days and my partner when i was working in gurgaon. We celebrated our meeting with small glass of wine and some very neatly cooked fish it was very nicely cooked and and well prepared. After some small chat we decided to go some where as sitting at room was useless. So we started to south Mumbai, on the way he picked his GF and we took the local train to CST. I have heard so many thing about mumbai local trains and surely it was a different experience. today being holiday 25th dec crowd was less, in about 40 minutes we reached CST, the same place where terrorist killed around 30 people one month back. The place was full of happening as usual with bit more of scurity. After getting out of station we took a cab and it was a 20 minute drive to Colaba. While walking on the side walk we went pass to cafe Leopold, The same place where terrorist had killed so many people. The place was crowed with foreigners and indians enjoying beers and snacks. After spending some time with few shops and some bargain on road side we proceeded to our ultimate destination i.e. was to get some drinks and we went to cafe Mondegar. After waiting for around 20 minue we finally got our table. place was filled with every sorts of people young, old, girls and the ambience was exciting. We order some beer and snacks. We got up around 11 PM. I wanted to visit Hotel Taj it was small walk but the entries was barricated due to security reasons so we took a cab to Marine Drive. The place was very nice and looking beautiful in the night I let Mumu to enjoy the compnay of his girlfriend and i went for a walk. We came back half past midnight and slept..
Next morning I went to japneet place to meet her, we had worked around 4 years togetther. I felt really good meeting her husband and her cute little daughter i met them after around 3 years. I had really lunch rajma rice with them. I left her place aound 2:30 and went to murmu office took him and we started to Alibagh. We didnt go exactly to alibagh we took turn to a place called Kasid. This place is known for its clean beaches which is less commercialized place as compared to Alibagh and still has been able to keep its natural beauty intact. We landed in to a lodge around 7:30 and after throwing our luggage we went staright to beach it was dark in night and there very few people some people had lit fire on the beach and dancing around. We got some chair from a shopkeeper and ordered some beers, snacks and some cripsy prawns. We stayed there till late midnight chatting and walking around sea shores. We had 5-6 six beer till midnight and prawns were really spicy and good. Walking in the night around sea shore in deep dark was really a thrilling experience.. The hangover was getting more with every step. We went back to lodge around half past midnight after having dinner i crashed on the bed and last thing i remeber was that murmu was busy with his GF on phone.
I got up around 5:30 next morning murmu was still in hangover mood after few punches from him we came out of room and 5:45 it was still very dark so went back in room and after hearing some very nice words from murmu we walked down the beach finally at 6.15 AM. it was 100 mts walk from our lodge it was dark and quiet at beach....and we started walking on sand by waves side clicking snaps of each other and started moving to other extrem side. It was nice walk...Slowly sun started coming and whole atmoshphere was really very thilling and exciting filled with wonderful calmness. This beach is less commercialized and and sand is white and very clean we started walking to other end of shore which was arond 4-5 kms away on the way we kept on collecting stones taking snaps walking on the salty water. We took 10 min break as sun came out fully and and some hut shops were started opening we had tea biscuit and coconut water we again started moving towards end of the beach which has sleepery rocky mountains and it was mumru desire to climb on those rocks.
Finally we reached to rocke it was wet and slippery besde there was deep sea water roarling looks like he was keen in swallowing us. i advised mumu to take care and put his feet frimly. i went for small walk on those rocky surfaces Murmu was more busy in exploring those rocks and seemed to be more adventurous i was bit worried. We had some photo shoot session and started back our journey. it was now 8:30 and sun was bright and sea was green looking very beautiful. many people and speciallly lovers were now seen on the beach roaming holding each other hands and we two buggers roaming on such a romantic weather without any female. Murmu was still better as has was occasionaly calling his GF and giving regular status update. We were occasionaly collecting some stones and sea shells. finally i could not resist my temptation and told murmu that i want to go in to water even though we were not having towel and changing cloths meanwhile i realized that its time to show my creativity and i should make some sand sculpture i tried to make some fort type sculpture but it become some Shivling. First time i ever entered in sea on indian land. even before this i landed in arabaian sea that was in doha, here again the sea was same but it was on the other side. after doing half hour of masti and jumping and some swimming race with mumru, i dont know who was the ultimate winner, we came out and proceeded straight to our lodge. There i took shower changed my self and also i made call to my home this place was without airtlel signal and it seem that it was big issue at home. Any way we proceded to mulund 20 kms away place from Kasid Murud. this place is know for its beaches and i janzeera surrounded by sea and it 5 km inside sea. On reach there we had breakfats and Murmu was very upset with reason known to him only... finally we went place where we need to hire boat which takes use to jazeera we took the ticket mumru also bought few hats one cowboy type for himself and other for his girlfriend. We took the ticket and waiting for few minutes in queue we landed in boat. Regular boats are run by murud zila panchayat also its one of the oldest zila panchayt in india the ride to boat was bit scary wit some bump but overall it was smooth and safer as compared to my other boat journey. Finaly we landed in into zanzeer which which has very small gate and only you can see that once you reach very close to zanzeera. it was said to be built in year 1130 and said ot have underground pass benieth sea sruface to bank of sea. although this is under UN conservation its condtion was pathetic lot if garbage was lying here and there platics bottles etc. it has got inside 2 sweet water reservior it has also all the types rooms required during those days for the full amusement of kings. the veiw from zanzeer walls were fnatastics and once you reach to the top tower you can have all the surrounding view of the sea and feel like being top of the world. We landed in restaurent for lunch in after noon, lunch was over and we had to wait for snacks. The other side of restaurent opens in murud beach so we went there for walk and sunset. The beach was muddy and dark and sand was mixture of soil. I was tempting to go in sea again but resited and just walked few kms on the beach. the sun set was beautiful and marvellous. We had some photos and started back to mumbai around 6:30.PM. While coming back we had tea at the kasid beach and dinner on the way in the night on the highway we landed in thane midnight and crashed to bed.

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