Thursday, May 21, 2009

Until I say Goodbye...

She came yesterday and sat on my desk, first and last time. To invite me on her marriage and say goodbye, the final one. I already knew that she was getting married next month and I anticipated that he might leave this place. She invited me to her wedding and said today was her last day here as she was moving ouside India. I wished her gudluck, success and happiness in all her future endeavor. I told her that I would miss her smile around here. She was telling that she would miss my hindi shayris which I hardly shared with her, very few, though i wished i could had shared more. And she said she would be in touch through orkut etc. I shifted last Monday just next to her cubicle every day and we were passing almost 5-6 times across each other daily. We never spoke. Not a single word was said beside one fainted smile. I am not complaining even I could not walked across her cubicle to say just hello. When we were sitting around few step away and we could not speak few words with each other, how could we expect to be in touch when she she would be 7 seas away. Today there was a sense of emptiness around and dull silent. I hardly used to speak with her and had only occasional talk and few exchange of scrap I had with her I could count on my finger. There is nothing for me to feel sad If I start looking at past fact and searching reason but yet there is pinch of unspoken words that will never be said. The things I always wanted to share with her as friend and colleague. The feeling I used to have when I used to enter in cafeteria or when my eyes used to search her around. There is nothing and everything at the same time. The sense of emptiness created will take some time to fill. Any way I wish her all the happines and sucsess.

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