Friday, June 19, 2009

If you...

If you smile at me not because to reduce your stress
But only to impress and you are depressed

Don’t smile at me.

If you come as a friend not because of my company
But only to advance you destiny

Don’t be my friend.

If you help me not because you are comfortable
But only for the sake of my pleasure

Don't help me.

If you thank me not because of gratitude
But only for the sake of social formality

Don't thank me.

If you give me not because of joy
But only because of your social obligation

Don’t give me.

If you feed me not because I am hungry
But only because your home is not empty

Don’t feed me.

If you sleep not because to get peace of mind
But only because its night.

Don’t sleep.

If you read not because to empower your intellect
But because to copy other's experience

Don’t read.

If you cry not because to make emotionally empty
But only to gain other's sympathy

Don’t cry.

If you respect me not because for what I know
But only because what I own

Don’t respect me.

If you teach me not because to liberate
But only to make me enslave

Don't teach me.

I you love me not because the way I exist
But only to make me change and twist

Don't love me.

© Rakesh Kumar

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