Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Some technical...

There was a programmer from Rose
Whose objects just wouldn't dispose.
He'd play with his classes
Till he smoked up his beer glasses
He thought of using inheritance
But his imagination was not coherent
He tried other approaches but his work just blows
And now his hard drive light just glows.
He tried with object association
But he felt it like taking poison
He also tried with object composition
But this was not the right position
He thought about solution day and night
Unfortunately he lost temper and had fight
He created many small classes
And he also discussed with his bosses
He was sure about missing deadline
At end of time his designed was not basined.
Will it work He was not even sure
But his intention was pure
He sent design as it is for coding
This was the time when .net was blooming
Garbage collector was right there
Disposed the object without his care

copyirght rakesh kumar july 2009

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