Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 idiots: A trip down memory lane

Friday was the starting of my so called very long weekend, a very long because it is difficult for me to pass time being alone on weekend, I was planning for a trip some where near by Bangalore but could not make it. I could not find any one to join with me on long drive, what the hell….

Any way I had already booked the ticket for 3 idiots with anand and ankur. So  me as one idiot joining with two couple for a movie.. The movie was laugh riot on line of Munna Bhai and was ultimate treat to watch.. Few scene were flash back to my own engineering days and listening KLPD words and seeing them getting approval was quite surprising. There is a history and list of how these words have been developed and what they actually mean, how they have been part of our enginnering culture. The movie was good journey to my engg. days and character portrayed were practical. The movie was also a comment on our present educational system although bit exaggerated. The ultimate dialog I could recall was that "agar dost fail hota hai to dukh hota hai per agar dost top karta hai to bahut dukh hota hai". I am sure most of us must have such feeling during their days.

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