Sunday, February 07, 2010


Many years, month, days have passed
Still counting the thinigs i have lossed

For you it may be a ages old story
But things are still so fresh in memory

Sitting in the park the things you wrote
My name you put in those beautiful quote

Everyday me watching you walking away
Understanding what your smile had to say

Unable to figure out meaning behind your actions
Many times I walked around to get your attention

Even though today may be I have grown old
Only thing missing was courage to be bold

Once there was a star which I was aiming
Thinking about them today I am laughing

So many things I did was crazy
Unable to take step you labeled me lazy

Many time i looked at your face for a while
Only thing I was missing was your smile

Now you have gone to a distance far
But my life has turned  in to a bizzare

copyrights Rakesh Kumar feb 2009

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