Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This poem I wrote when my friend Abhishek suggested me to write on traffic. I dedicate this to him only...

Don't want to lose my mind calm
All I want is no more traffic jam 

Where should I go if there are no safe way
I keep on wasting my all brand new day

The drive is bumpy and roads are hell
This way daily my life goes for sell

I want safe drvie to home in the night
But many driver on the roads are blind

Poeple cross and overtake each other side
They dont care for any rule to abide

Driver don't follow rules of traffic light
And they dont know what is right

Many times I see my fellow driver scream
Oppsite direction's coming vehicle in high beam

Day by day there are more traffic light
However there are more accident and fight

On this road you need to be lucky and brave
Or else you may reach soon closer to grave

We are so called civilized public
But we lack basic descipline in traffic

My eyes turn in the world of blindness
People don't  even have words of kindness

All traffic rules are meant for better use
System is for safety and should not be abused

The roads are narrow and unable to carry load
Days are not far when system will explode

copyright Rakesh kumar Mar 2010

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