Monday, May 17, 2010

The day she cried..

This poem is not complete and it stand as its as of today...

She asked me question most obvious
Enquired me and asked if I was serious

I was honest and shared the way I felt
All hell broke as she could not accept

Was not I already committed for whole life
Though she asked If I wanted more time

She cried, cried, cried and cried
As I was the last thing that just died

I could feel her words wet in tears
My only wish was to be her near

Just to wash away anything she feared
To change the way things had appeared

That day whole world drowned in her tears
As she cried after many long years

The drops of her tears were costliest expenses
I was only person who lost all my senses
My feeling was only left to be crushed
She raised question on my integrity and trust

Just to see her beautiful smile
I had covered a distance of many miles

From that moment onwards she had a choice
No further she displayed spark in her voice

Not that my feeling was any less for her
Only I lacked was perfect answer

I was searching how fate was arranged
That moment our life completely changed

Just 24 hours back I was most sure
That she was my life's most ultimate cure

All these days and night I was alright
But deep inside there was lonely fight

Walking on sea shore I found that answer
She was in my life source to wisdom

My life was passing so dull and boring
She was cool breeze on my face blowing

Now my life will change completely
But I will not take her as my safety

She is in mourning and I am behind her pain
And there is no one else to be blame

This may be the last chapter in this tale
But her precious love was sure not for sale... 

copyrights Rakesh kumar May 2010

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