Sunday, May 02, 2010

Once there was a day

Once there was a day when...
  • When we used to had a old small black and white TV and every Sunday morning our room used to filled with neighborhood children. Our room was small and there was no place to sit but people never complained. As a kid I was always happy to open the door whenever some one had knocked  and I had never complained about missing dialog and scenes. I remember the day when I used to go to watch Sunday evening movie to friends houses and we used to find whole neighborhood sitting there.
  • When only we used to have landline telephone connection and we used to receive neighbor's, relative's calls and we used to tell them to call after five minutes by the time we would inform them and we  had never complained about it.
  • When we used share our morning news paper to our neighbors and we had never  complained offering them tea with that.
  • When I never complained offering neighbors kid cycle ride or giving them  my bicycle when they had asked or required. I never worried that it would be damaged or broken. 
  • When I always had enough time to teach our neighbors kids or help them when they had needed. 
  • When I used to share my single lamp whenever ever there was a power cut and we used to study together and nobody complained about disturbance or mosquito bites. 
  • When people used to bring calender and our walls used to filled with so many goddess pictures. 
  • When we used to share our football, Carom and hockey in the evening with  neighbors.
  • When I used to spent my evening till dark in playground and my parent never worried about my safety or hygiene.
  • When my shoes used to have big holes but I never missed  going to playground. 
  • When We used to travel by trains and we had enough trust to discuss and share everything with our fellow passengers.
  • When people used to walks kms to meet and greet their friends and relatives.
  • When I used to write letters to my parent and spent hours thinking how to start. 

And today 
  • I have a big two bedroom apartment with no one to share my space.
  • I have a big LCD TV but no one  is here to share my viewing experience, no discussion and comment on cricket and telling cricketers how to play a particular shot. 
  • I have a big car but no one is there to share my drive.
  • I take news paper but no one is there to comment or discuss those news stories. I dont feel interested now a days reading news paper.
  • I stay in a big society of highly educated people but I don't see any  sharing of knowledge or teaching/interacting among neighbors and their kids.
  • I have multiple pair of costliest shoes but I hardly have time to go gym. They are biting dust.
  • The same playground which once used to be filled with boys now looks deserted.
  • I travel in flight with highly civilized people of the society and I hardly interact anyone or see others interacting each other.
  • Now a days I have cellphone with everyone's contact nos however i am not sure when i used those numbers to call someone. 
Things have changed we have changed, society have have changed, still trying to figure out god or bad?

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Jai G said...

i mean i love it... may be these are not the right words, but like I said, you know what I mean :(