Saturday, November 13, 2010

I said 'Yes'

Yes. I said 'Yes' to her.  I met her during my dewali vacation trip and and my heart said 'she is the one'. Only in first meeting. I called my parent and gave my permission to go ahead. I never had this feeling before. It feels so different..

This I wrote for her only...

I never had this feeling before
You are the one whom my heart adore

Now it feels so different
Before you this feeling was absent

My days were dull and evening silent
You came as source to sweet fragrant

Sound of your voice is like butter
Sweet and smooth like an old liquor

It makes me smile, lift my mood
Turn me upbeat like a soul food...

I never heard words so mooth and silky
They can turn a sunny day into cloudy

In my life you are a sweetest doll..
You have become to me from none to all

(c) Rakesh Kumar Nov 2010.


James said...

So who is this girls...... Is it time for ur marriage .....

Dude never knew u do so much of blogging. I guess no one knew...
Read few of them. It was good..

Rakesh Kumar said...

yup.....thanks.. not very publicisized