Saturday, November 13, 2010

Three years gone by..

This poem wrote on completing 3 years in my current job..

Three years gone down the line
Not sure if I have grown or decline

Never had moment when my interests were absent
Though sometime I had complain about my treatment

Looking back through the years
I had many occasion to cheers

Sometimes things were up and sometimes low
Sometime I was leader and sometime only a shadow

Years passed has been fun and excitement 
Time here have been completely different

Occasionally things were not certain
I was searching ground for my action

Thinking about my next goal
Should I seek a higher payroll

Should I open myself for new callings
Wait and watch for things
And remain in current being

Sometime I feel being all alone
Do I lack courage to get out of comfort zone

Today I am feeling bit old and dry
Spread wings for new things to try

(C) Rakesh Kumar Nov. 2010

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