Sunday, December 26, 2010


While I drank glasses of water few
Thinking about my being with you

The first time I heard your voice
I was left with no other choice

Each passing day you are becoming more lovable
Nothing is like you even if I search in google

Things you spoke about in last couple of weeks
Sweet among them was intention of pulling my cheeks

There are many things that make you sweet
Your deepest desire to tickle my feet

You are sweet due to many other factor
Request by you for sleeping on my shoulder

I am deeply craving for this drug
The way you describe to give me a hug

Nothing is compared to this bliss
Just imagining about your sweet kiss.

How much you call your words nonsense
Every time I hear them I lose my senses

Nothing is more beautiful reading those mails
Daily you write them without any fail

Since ages it seems you have been known
Even your silence says lot over phone

(C) Rakesh Kumar Dec. 2010

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