Thursday, April 21, 2011

A New Goal..

Lets make a goal and aim it to score
Something that has never been set before
Like touching the high blue sky
Or devise a theory that has never been applied
It may also be reaching to a shining star
Or building a dream home at Mars
Why not aim covering  a distance very far
What makes us afraid of scars
Stop showing a behaviour childish
As only we go far as high as we wish
Do something which we cherish
Before our life gets finish..
Forget what other have to say
About many difficulties we will face on the way
Many people telling not to begin
Giving explanation that we will never win
Don't let their opinion to make us clown
And bring our self down
The biggest threat comes only from inside
When we let our spirit to die
Fight it out true to our heart
Now is the time to make a fresh start

(c) Rakesh Kumar Apr 2010

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