Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life goes on...

Only couple of days left
Before if leave this place
Move myself to a unknown base

Cleaning my memories of album
Last couple of weeks I felt numb
Under influence of an old rum
Trying to accept what has come

Its has been more than 3 years
I had many occasions to cheers
Many those whom I can call dear
Some time they were not what they appear

I loved this place and people
As its atmosphere was casual
It suited to my working style
But now we are all into exile

Now I feel detached to this place
I don't even know why
Today when I look around
There is nothing to call mine

Lets appreciate what we have got
Why to think about good and wrong
Be grateful how you have come along
Life goes on and life goes on

Before I say goodbye I must admit
I really enjoyed every bit of it
Again there will be new people and face
I will be running a completely new race

(C) Rakesh Kumar Apr 2011.

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