Sunday, May 22, 2011

Leopard and Human..

This poem I wrote after seeing a news of Leopard killing when it entered in a village for food and villagers killed him. This poem represent conversation between that dying leopard and humans.

I also have right to be conserve
What did I do to deserve
You human are uncivilized and greedy
And you got character mean and petty
You have taken away my everything
And more you get, more you are asking
Even you don't have a small place to give
Everyone here got equal right to live
For you killing is just a means of thrill
I need answer why I should be killed
Only I forget that my home is now manned
I strayed just couple of yards in your land
I was a hungry fool searching for food
Where should I go if not left with any jungle wood
It was my misfortune that no where I could run
You all came out running with stick and gun
Surrounded by men I was just a helpless clown
You all chased and hunted me down
Many my friends are already extinct
But you never care even to wink
I have also right for my bite on earth
Others living also have life of worth
You human please leave us alone
I happy in my forest that I used to own
Though you are living in city
But I have only got you pity
In race of growth you destroyed nature
No one understand what are you after
Where is end of this race and greed
Human growth race is blind and mislead
My end is near but yours is also not very far
I am wild but how much civilized you are
Today I am dying but laughing on your fate
Your end is near how big weapon you create

(C) Rakesh Kumar May 2011

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