Friday, September 02, 2011

I don't want to say a single word about this poem, I didn't have any intention to share it with any one initially.

How will I understand your strategy
In this tragedy
Will you come and explain?
That what have you gain
Are you there? I am asking you
Because we all have got no clue
Who have failed, you or us
Are we just a clown in your circus?
Families and friends have lost a innocent soul
No one is believing that he is gone and died
Living was his birth right
But now he is nowhere within our sight
Do you know how it felt collecting his dust
How difficult it is for everyone to adjust
A mother has lost her piece of heart
How will one make a new start
When some one's hopes depart
A father in grief, tears and silence 
Coping whole life for his son absence 
Never one should see this day in whole lifetime
When he is suppose to share story bedtime
If only you could just answer why
That now we all have to go on  cry
That he had to go...
Unless you explain why you wanna do so....

(C) Rakesh Kumar Sept. 2011

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