Sunday, October 30, 2011

Remember Me When...

Remember me when
Life is not what it appears
No body is respecting one's tears

Remember me when
Your are unable to spent your life's years
Unable to share your inner feelings
And difficult things you are dealing

Remember me when
You have no other way of healing
Only you see in other's eye disdain
You are unable to count of gain

Remember me when
You have only got friendship with pain
World just seems a curse
Nothing left in your purse

Remember me when
Nothing exists for you to sing a verse
All of you dreams are broken
There is no name left to be spoken

Remember me when
As a helpless your are fallen
You have loss everything and beaten

Because I will still be there
At the extreme end
With a hand to extend
Your sorrow will be nothing
When you remember how I lived

(C) Rakesh Kumar Oct 2011

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