Saturday, December 24, 2011

Year gone by...

One more year comes to an end
Many thing were suppose to happen 
But they didn't occur
Life goes on 
And many things didn't alter
The list is long, very long
May be this is not where we belong
What to add, where to start
First should I count the problem of my own
Or what others have given or shown
May be those should top the list
Since years who persist
Those whose solution are unknown
Or discuss the first whom we face as human
Reason why we are unable to take action
Or about the one we deal as country
On whose solution we are unable to get agree
What to add and what to forgotten
Add in the list why our society have rotten
The list has grown and a year has gone
Only a single truth have remained strong
That in the game of life we are just a small pawn

(C) Rakesh Kumar Dec. 2011

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