Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To my wife...

This poem I wrote for my wife...

What should I say about you
What name should I give to you
Alien, perfect, soul mate
Or any other words that you choose
That will not be enough to describe you
Anyway let me try to define you
May be I should try some futile example
You are the rain that fills river and lake
Or the softness found in yummy cake
Your smile is the courage to those in wreckage
No where I could find such a perfect package
You are the faith that moves mountain
A source of happiness to Eden
You gives strength to those in fear
A inspiration to those in despair
You understand my pain as yours
One who gives a lion energy to roars
You the one who holds whenever I prone to fall
How to describe such a sweet and pretty doll
No matters what, I will always support you
Loving you makes me what I am really
Smiling, always standing with you

(C) Rakesh Kumar Feb 2012

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