Sunday, January 22, 2012


How do we define and how to understand
What meaning a silence has to represent
Does it mean people don't  want to speak
When unable to understand what meaning they seek
Sole cause of silence is not always being angry
It may be because door is closed and no more entry
Silence mean people are not agree what you say 
To close conversation and they want to walk away
Things are not easy in silence and there is no way
Each silence has different meaning to say
Behind a silence there may be a big scream
Many complicated and unknown thing's scheme
As said some silence may be as valuable as gold
Represents many things that had never been told
Many silences are also due to lack of action
Some are for peace and some are for religion
A silence is sometimes threatening than said words
More complicated to understand than crosswords
A silence is priceless and sometime meaningless
It is also when people don't want to discuss
A silence has many layers and aspects
Its not easy to decipher what it projects
It may simply be a sign of rejection
And sometimes also a sign of acceptance
Sometimes silence is about listening
However its also a tool used for bashing
Silence in any form is always pure
But about silence one thing is always sure 
Smallest element of it will make life hacked
Silence is always going to have an everlasting impact

(C) Rakesh Kumar Jan 2012

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