Thursday, August 30, 2012


In evening amidst a silence storm
Many feelings I tries to explore
Till now whom I refuse to conform
Riding on their emotional experience
I wander to a distant lonely shore
Where my mind is always absent
They pushes me in corner so extreme
Where reality appears as a dream
I swing between low and high
Sometimes lonely and sad
Perhaps my tears have been dried
Or when I fly high in sky
Without any boundaries, untied
From a side when I feel enlightened
Where things look beautiful and brightened
To the other side when I ask why
And I hear a silence with no reply
It surround me with unseen fears
I feel weak and defeated
As I am fighting since many years
When sum of life seems zero
I want to run but nowhere to go
The directions are hazy and not clear
I roam from past to future
Like a cursed creature
Juggling between good and bad
I become glad to numb and sad
How to define its functions
When I am unable to find reasons
It makes me fall and rise
I behave as a man unwise
Some times I refuse to believe
On things I see through my eyes
As I walk between truth and lies
From life to death
On each passing breath
Where none of me survives
I live and feel alive
With so many bruises and wound
I don't know where I have arrived
I search and look around
But nothing yet I have found
(C) Rakesh Kumar Aug 2012

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