Thursday, December 27, 2012

(Not) Again...

While browsing channel
I heard about the news 
That some girl was abused
How a woman life is aped
Again a girl was raped
By a group of men
In a running bus
Destroyed a life full of promise
She was helpless and weak
Struggling crying for help
But she could not run and escaped
Now in hospital her condition is critical
Repeatedly reported in news channel
But only she know her suffering actual
There is discussion every where
And this subject is debated on air
On the street people are asking question
Why there is no any action
By the government and police
Such heinous crime against a women
How it will decrease
Nowhere a safe place for women
Our society value chain is broken
We are no longer civilized human
Every where this is concern
Till all our energy burn
After some time we all forget
Like an old song cassette
Life will go on , news will be gone
We will discuss some new subject
And remain as usual heartless and numb
Till someone finds one more new victim

© Rakesh Kumar Dec. 2012

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