Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013: A Year Of Creation

First blog of a new day of a new year.  I am dedicating this year to create new and exciting things. This is going to be a year of creation. Using my all kind of knowledge and skills to create exciting values. This is a year of creation. I learnt and i acquired knowledge all through my life now I am going to use that to create values. By value means not just monetary or physical but at all front, all level and all kind, be it spiritual, physical, mental or financial and not just only in my life but others life also in all possible ways.  The value created this year are going to have long, lasting and sustainable impact in not only my life but others life.   I will create a happy & peaceful and comfortable life with Deepti and my family member. I will use my technical skills and knowledge for maximum value creation in different ideas that I am procrastinating since many months. Few other goals are completing my house work successfully and moving in. Professionally also i will focus knowledge for maximum value creation for myself which should be  moving desired work place and role, I will explore new and exciting places to visit, work and live. 

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