Friday, June 28, 2013

Appraisal 2.0

You always did a great work
And your performance was good
Though I have limit whatever I could
But I am happy that here your goal be met

You have completed all your goals
And one day you will play a bigger role
Professionally you have been very strong
And I cant  find you anywhere going wrong

You have been star performer
For every problem you were after
You completed all project
And handled things well
Though I didn't like certain aspects

You were always been busy only working 
And you also lack in social networking
Company motto is collaboration
This is my area of concern and tension
My feedback for you is to take some action
You always look serious and don't ever smile
I also have problem with your look & hairstyle

My advise for you to continue doing good work 
Don't worry about hike in salary and perk
Your are walking on a right track
And I have given you a good feedback
Here your career will shine and nurture
Definitely that will help you to grow further
Company have not perform well this year
Economy future is also not very clear
We lack revenue from this project
Which going to have an affect
With you only I am sharing a secret
That I have been given limited budget
We have got limited promotion and salary hike
I know this is not what you are going to like
That what u deserve have been denied 
But there are chances of a employee cut 
You are not among those whom this policy apply...

(C) Rakesh Kumar July 2013

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