Thursday, August 01, 2013

The 13th Year...

This poem I wrote on completing 13 years of my professional life. Now when  I look back to those year and how they passed by professionally.

First year I was naïve
Didn’t know how to behave in world 
I felt out of a cave
Surrounded by things strange
I was trying to cope with the change

In unknown  city, in unknown place
I was scared and terrified
I was confused about the race
Slowly I learnt to be independence
So many things in life were absent
And I turned into a professional from student

Second year on and I slowly moved on
Life was full of anxiety & stress
Though I did whatever way best
There was recession and nine eleven
But I was in office till evening eleven
I missed all fun and adventure
I was working with so much anger
And I didn’t have time my family call answer

In third year I was doing better
Though many times I found myself in corner
Life was getting bigger and large
I found my self in many thing's charge
Occasionally I found battered and beaten

Forth year I was desperate
Looking for a different climate
So I moved to a different place
Started running another race
Where I experienced life's many face
I was searching life's meaning & intend
A year that defined both beginning and end

Looking for new frontier
Slowly I entered in fifth year
Things were often not what they appear
I was scared and unsure 
With new opportunity I moved to Bangalore
Found myself among different people & culture
Slowly my life began to alter
Searching new meaning to survive
my past was  slowly got archived
Surrounded with friends I was having fun
But deep inside I was looking a place to run

Year sixth started with a fix
Surely I was missing life's tricks
Only work without any perk
I felt myself  as a miserable jerk
Even though moved to Manhattan
I felt my career was broken
I was confused and felt very low
Unable to understand where to go
Life didn’t offer any excitement
All my dreams appeared at a distance

Seventh year I was low in esteem
I had suffered to fullest extreme
However I took a leap high
And found myself landed in the sky 
I joined the job I was looking for one
Found again my passion and fun
Eight and ninth went very quickly
Things were going very smoothly
Travelled to many new places 
my life was passing through beautiful phases
I Completed a decade in profession
Still hungry for many things I had not done
Meanwhile I also found a life partner 
My focus shifted from  job to her.
my destiny was to have a different trend
As all good things in life had come to end

I had to run a new race again
At the end of year ten
With so many things I was surrounded
I felt occasionally hounded
Never belonged to this new culture
Often I found my self In anger 
Among many things I was lost & found
I dozen year and journey unclear
There  was nothing in job to cheer
Last one year life tested in many ways
Felt on my shoulder too much weighs
I was only questioning this phase 
Unable to understand what it mean
And only explanation is what it seem
That this is an effect of year number thirteen

© Rakesh Kumar Aug 2013

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