Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Things I hate about love...

1. Tears: It has to come sooner or later. As second words of love it self says "O: ocean of tears". I hate tears. Neither I can weep for anything in life nor I can see tears in any ones eyes for whatsoever reason.

2. Happiness: How could be your happiness be associated with some thing which outside of you or some body else. Your feeling of joy and sorrow is associated with you only and not any one else. External factor can affect ur feeling to certain extent. But seeing others happy becoming happy and seeing others sad becoming sad is like half of u is residing in someone else. I hate falling in sad situations and neither do I want to become cause of others sadness. What the hell is there to let other feel sad about u if u cant make them happy.

3. Your main aim of life becomes keeping others happy. Kick this bullshit stuff. We should try to keep our self happy first. This should be our main aim not that keeping our self sad keeping others happy. If I am not happy I can not make others happy. if i am feeling bad and if u dont like my mood run go out of my sight, is that clear.

4. Change: change is inevitable every body like changes and it part of human growth but change for others, for fulfilling others expectation and happiness. Are we living our own life or a borrowed life. I love changes but don't like to leave the thing I enjoys doing since years.

5. I, me & Myself: In the process of falling in love u will lose yourself and your identity this is damn sure. love will capture your empty spaces and time. And in current scenario and technological advances u will not have time for your self your whole thinking process will be crushed. I love being alone to regain and analyze my self. kill that thing if it disturb your peace of mind.

6. Craziness: love take ur mind not ur breath(as said in movie TOPGUN) you will lose your mind and u will do the craziest things in your life which u would have never imagined of doing before. Love comes with madness. Why to lose peace of your mind.I believe in taking practical/sensible decision not emotional one. I don't want my decision to be influenced by others emotions too.

7. After falling in love u will never enjoy things alone or being alone may be u can enjoy being together but not being alone after that. No body knows what happens after falling in love. u have came in this world alone first u should enjoy yourself and ur own company.

8. Blindness: Love is not blind it makes people blind. People who falls in love lose their logical and analytical ability a sense of judging thing right and wrong. Perhaps in love your mind stops working and and you use heart in taking decisions. You will lose sight of facts and honesty. Love basically degrades your morality specially where love it self involved. You will cheat and speak lie frequently. I like being honest and truthful. I cant say what other people want to listen. Give these hypocrites a kick.

9. Freedom: u lose all kind of ur freedom. Mental, emotional and physical. You lose freedom of expression. You manipulate people, situations too often. You express things based on happiness of other. I hate knock at door or cellphone ring when I am sleeping . I don't like controlling anyone and neither do i like to be controlled myself. People are born free and they better know what they can do better for them self rather than me. Now a days every ones know what others should do but they dont know what them self should do.

10. Future: People who falls in love thinks abt things that are in future. Like marriage, well being, and always try to make future better and also try to forget past. Obviously with one step in the past and the other in the future; its no wonder they are pissing in the present. I believe in my dreams and try to plan the things. I hate when someone else start effecting my decisions. My decisions are my own and I am responsible for them. I don't want neither others nor my decision to be effected by each other's.

11. Love will makes u weak and emotional . You will experience every kind of emotions in life that never experienced. It will bring unnecessary worry and anxiety in life. I hate some emotions like insecurity, feeling loosing someone and feeling of distrust. I also hate asking questions which some one feel uncomfortable or don't want to ans.

12. Even though u say you both love each other one but u will ended up fighting and expressing anger. I hate expressing my anger on any person for whatsoever reason.

13. I like beautiful things in life. I like to enjoy them freely whether I get or not . If u own something I am sure u would not able to enjoy others things if u seem them to some one else. its saying that most beautiful things should be felt by heart and as in case of love see and feel but don't own it. it come with so many other things e.g. feeling of jealous, possessiveness and once they come love will disappear but these feeling will not. A love and jealousy can not exist together.
Unnecessary u feel bad/jealous about someone whom u don't know. i hate feeling or saying bad abt anyone specially whom i don't know.

14. You need to remember few important date like DOB, marriage etc, I don't bother abt past dates its only concern of historians. If am not bother about my DOB why to hell remember others DOB. With each passing day you are one day closer to death what the hell is there in birthday to celebrate.

15. There are other important relations to cater in life but with love you will lose all those you will stop giving time to your friends, hobby, parents etc.

The toughest journey which u will ever take in life is the one you take from you head to heart.

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Seattle_Bee said...

probably at some point you are tired of being logical - which is when you will give in to making someone else happy.