Friday, April 25, 2008

I, A computer programme

I as a human is behaving like a computer programme. I don't know whether its in my genome or something written about me. why cant i learn about my past things. at least this is true in certain aspect of my life or activities. May be i as a human programmed to behave for those things in certain ways and its difficult for me change the output in those situation. The whole science about human genome and DNA is certainly true. our activities and behavior is programme to produce a well defined output as defined by our DNA. I started feeling that what is different between me and computer programme whose output is already defined. If my behaviour and activity is already defined am i not computer programme. I tried hard to change certain things in my life but i failed to do so. although i changed and improved so many things in life in journey so far. but why in certain things i failed to do so. what is wrong with that. its not that i lack courage to do so. But when I fall in those situation I produce the same output again and again. When I will learn change these well defined output god knows only.

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