Friday, April 25, 2008

A poem for a girl...

This poem i wrote for someone(a colleague) few days back. I wrote it because i felt good about her...

I used to be on one side of cubicle..
she on the other side, hearing her chuckle......

Distance was short and only few inches
But to cover them i felt many hitches

As I sit on my chair
Listen her voice occasionally
There was no such place elsewhere

Some time I get up to glance her bright face
Will I get a chance to say hello in any case

Days were passing I got lucky then
Went to dance class and met her again

I was so uncomfortable and unsure
Unable to match her step on dance floor

Day passed by watching her smile
I also got courage to stand by her cubicle side.

I am sure she got that smile
For which I can run few extra mile.

Many days passed and I have nothing more to add
Besides those morning hello to make me glad...

One day she was asking meaning of the scrap
If I had courage why to behaved like crap

I never felt for anyone like this before
Will she understand how much adore

I have a feeling I don't know how to describe
I bring them here in these lines never before scribed

Now I walk to her cubicle to say few words
I want to add more but feel awkward

Sometimes I feel what she thinks of me
Should I invite her and discuss it on coffee

She is also not a fool, though its easy to pretend
Why it feel to me like an old friend

Sometime I wish to say how I feel loud
Wish I lose this surrounding crowd

Today I noticed a strange feeling in evening
The usual smile on her face missing

I know she has gone through many pains
I want her to be without any strains

She has a right not to like me
Or if she want, can slaze me like an Aussie

My feeling are are my own I love them like anything
I don't mind if they can come down crumbling

But I want to let her know
So that tomorrow I don't feel stopped by ego.

So that few years from now I won't have any regret
May be I will move on in years to come but not be upset.

(Copyrights(c) Rakesh Kumar)

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