Sunday, August 16, 2009

Independence day...

Exactly 5 weeks back I left my beloved land
To explore a alien continent, there was no one behind

No laughter of loved one or smile of closed one
No tears of separation or any emotional burden

With all those emotions Standing still
Before my last step to flight

I slipped before I put last step to ride
Like the ground beneath my feet cried..

Now I realized it was holding me calling me
To come back everything is here if you realize

I didn't notice and found in strange land
Searched comfort in stranger all around

Back at home the room was dark without light
But looking at horizon I always found moonlight

No rainbow in horizon with only artificial light
No longer I was able to put my words down..

Searching for few corner whom I call my own
I remebered mud walls of my village where I had grown

How could I put words , with no feeling inside
After hours trying I got up with deep sigh.

Dream faded away when cruel reality strike
On few occasion I was cut with sharp knife
My mother tongue was only language in which I cried....

© Rakesh Kumar aug 2009

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